What oil should be used in a Volkswagen vehicle?

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Amber-colored oil pours from a gray bottle on a white background.

Best Oil For Your Volkswagen

When it comes to fluids, you want to use the ones that will work best in your vehicle. To find out which type of oil to use, Volkswagen tells us to check the owner’s manual. Well, we did so, and compiled the following table of recommended oil types for your convenience. Read on to find out which oil should be used in your 2019 Volkswagen vehicle for optimal health and performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Where can I find new cars under $20,000 in Brookfield, WI?

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A variety of cars sit on a car lot under a festive red, white and blue banner.

New Cars Under $20,000 in Brookfield, WI

Getting a brand-new car for under $20,000 these days can often seem like wishful thinking. This is especially true if you’re looking for a high-quality vehicle with top standards of performance, reliability, tech and comfort. Is there any such place in Brookfield where one can find a good car for under $20,000? Read the rest of this entry »

What Colors are Available for the 2019 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack?

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White 2019 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack parked in the middle of an off-road landscape.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack Color Options

In the past, the idea of an off-road oriented station wagon would likely have drawn incredulous looks and derisive laughter. But this is the automotive future we’ve arrived in, and for what it’s worth, we’re glad to have landed in this particularly far-out timeline.

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack manages to wed all the benefits of a premium station wagon to off-road adventuring capability through features like 4MOTION all-wheel drive, Hill Descent Control, and a designated Off-Road mode. Its standard turbocharged engine gives it able performance, while loads of tech throughout include sweet amenities like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If you’re considering making this wacky wagon your own, you’re likely wondering: what colors does the 2019 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack come in? Read the rest of this entry »

Where can I turn in my Volkswagen lease in Brookfield, WI?

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A set of keys changes hands after a contract and payments have been worked out.

Where to Turn In a Volkswagen Lease in Brookfield, WI

If your Volkswagen lease is running down, or you’re looking to turn it in, you may be wondering where you can do so in the Milwaukee area. Maybe you even live in Brookfield itself, or just nearby, and are wondering: where can I turn in a Volkswagen lease in Brookfield, WI? Read the rest of this entry »

Where is the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan made?

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Volkswagen Tiguan Assembly Plant Locations

The Volkswagen Tiguan is such a standout member of the compact crossover class that it’s hard to imagine a time without it. It’s easy to forget that this vehicle has been around for just over ten years, having been introduced back in 2007.

That first generation Tiguan was a two-row beast, while the modern second-generation is offered in two and three-row variants. With a name derived from the German words from Tiger and Iguana, the Volkswagen Tiguan is a remarkable machine that prophetically anticipated the crossover SUV popularity boom.

The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan beautifully continues the iconic legacy of the compact SUV. So, where does the magic happen? Where is the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan manufactured? Read the rest of this entry »

What happens if you don’t perform preventive maintenance on your vehicle?

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Two mechanics work on the underside of a vehicle, performing some kind of mainteance or service.

Is it okay to skip routine service?

It can be tempting to skip preventative maintenance and just take your chances. Routine service on your automobile can seem like an unnecessary cost, a waste of time, and, at worst, a scam perpetuated by those nasty auto mechanics. Did you ever wonder: what would happen if you just didn’t perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle? Read the rest of this entry »

Does the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas have Captain’s chairs?

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2019 VW Atlas exterior profile, parked on a beach.

Captain’s Chairs in the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

It’s no secret that we here at Hall VW are huge fans of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas interior. With upscale materials, wood and metal accents, and soft-touch surfaces, this environment exudes a high-end vibe that makes us want to hang out inside even when we’re not going anywhere.

Our urge to sit out in our garage or driveway for hours on end isn’t helped by the roomy, comfortable seating or intuitive infotainment. And if we are heading out on an adventure, there’s plenty of cargo room to take along whatever we need. There’s even seventeen cupholders (yes, you read that right) and, on certain trims, four USB ports. The 2019 Atlas is a vehicle that does not hold back.

But enough gushing- what if we want a little more individualized seating in back? Does the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas come with Captain’s chairs? Read the rest of this entry »

Which Jetta has turbo?

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White 2019 Volkswagen Jetta parked outside a brick building.

Turbocharged Engine on the Volkswagen Jetta

Anyone who’s played a racing video game knows that having turbo on a car can’t be a bad thing. While a turbocharged engine may not result in blue flames spitting from your tailpipe with a blur inducing speed-boost ala Mario Kart, it still helps pump up performance numbers while maintaining, and even improving, fuel-economy.

The word turbocharged is batted around commonly alongside Volkswagen these days. You might be wondering: which Volkswagen Jetta has a turbocharged engine? Read the rest of this entry »

Where to Buy Tires near Milwaukee, WI

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Four tires in a line have fallen down due to the domino effect, and lay languidly.

Best Tire Quality and Prices

Tires- you love them, you need them, and if you’re driving, it’s important to pay attention to them. Once tires have been rotated a few times and the tread has been thoroughly worn down, handling, traction, and control will all be impacted. Not only is driving on worn tires dangerous, but it can also cause intensified wear to other parts of your vehicle, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

Eventually, for every vehicle owner, the time comes when you have to buy new tires. When that happens, you’re inevitably going to be wondering where to get them. So, where is the best place to buy tires in Milwaukee WI? Read the rest of this entry »

Which 2019 Volkswagen models have all-wheel drive?

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A disconnected Volkswagen drivetrain, presumably 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive equipped.

2019 Volkswagen Vehicles Equipped with VW 4MOTION® All-Wheel Drive

Many drivers find all-wheel drive a delightfully useful, and at times necessary, feature to have. If you’re traversing rough terrain, heading off the grid, or just want a little extra traction on the ground to keep you steady, all-wheel drive has you covered.

When you buy a Volkswagen vehicle, it goes without saying that you’re getting an excellent machine. But if all-wheel drive is a priority, there are certain models you should look at. Which Volkswagen vehicles are AWD? Read the rest of this entry »