New 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Base Engine

1.4L Turbo Four is New Standard Equipment in 2016 Jetta

What is the New Base Engine of the Volkswagen Jetta?

The Volkswagen Jetta has always been known for its sportiness, and although its style lived up to all sporty expectations, there have been complaints about the engine for some time. As the engine of the past was naturally-aspirated, meaning it didn’t come turbocharged, it was a bit weak in the power department, and to appease the growing number of Jetta enthusiasts out there, the German automaker has gotten rid of the “two point slow” engine and replaced it with a brand-new base option. Read the rest of this entry >>

How the Volkswagen Golf R Compares to the GTI Clubsport

2016 Volkswagen Golf R vs Golf GTI Clubsport

To celebrate 40 years of the GTI, Volkswagen is releasing the GTI Clubsport, a special edition hot hatch that the German automaker is calling “the most powerful production GTI ever.” Unfortunately, the powerful new edition to the GTI stable will not be making its way to the states, meaning the Golf R will remain as the only high-output front-drive VW available here. That’s not a bad thing, as the Golf R is still an impressive specimen, but it would be nice if VW would throw us a bone and deliver us the Clubsport.

We understand that the Golf R is not a GTI, but as members of the Golf family, the two are cut from the same cloth, and they offer a number of similarities. To clear up any questions about which of the two is superior, and in an attempt to cheer us up about the fact that we won’t ever see the Clubsport, we thought it would be helpful to take a closer look at how the 2016 Golf R compares to the GTI Clubsport. Read the rest of this entry >>


Passat Gets Fresh Look and Upgraded Technology for 2016

What’s New for the 2016 Volkswagen Passat?

Despite the fact that the Passat is one of the most popular vehicles in the Volkswagen stable, it had been a while before it has received any serious changes to its appearance. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that the German automaker made some tweaks to their best-selling midsize car for the 2016 model year. The changes are not significant, but they are enough to make an impact. If you were a fan of past models of the Passat, you’ll definitely appreciate all that the latest model has to offer. Read the rest of this entry >>

Rumors of a New Seven-Seater Tiguan Have Been Confirmed

Redesigned 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Rumors

Although there was talk about the Tiguan getting a redesign for the 2016 model year, it is now clear that the release of the new SUV won’t come for another year. It was announced that the redesigned Volkswagen Tiguan will go into production in the second half of 2016, and that the SUV should begin to arrive in dealership lots sometime in 2017 as a 2018 model. The release date information is undoubtedly exciting, but there were a few other rumors that really have us anticipating the new Tiguan’s release. Read the rest of this entry >>