black and white Volkswagen Beetle

Story Behind the Volkswagen Name

How did Volkswagen get its name?

Much like any automaker, Volkswagen is filled with rich history. Drivers who have taken one of these models for a spin will tell you that few cars compare in terms of comfort and convenience. As we trace the lineage of Volkswagen back to its creator, you might be a bit surprised to see who founded it. Read on to learn how Volkswagen got its name and some other fun facts about the brand. Read the rest of this entry >>

red 2018 VW Golf GTI outside of a city

How does the Volkswagen GTI compare against luxury cars?

There’s supposed to be a fine line between luxury cars and average cars. While many consider Volkswagen to be a more premium brand, their models are priced far below what a luxury car like a BMW costs. In the video below, you’ll see how the performance-enhanced Volkswagen GTI compares against the BMW M135. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but you’ll probably be surprised at the unbiased comparison in the video below. Check it out! Read the rest of this entry >>

Apple CarPlay on a touchscreen in a Volkswagen model

How to set up Apple CarPlay in your Volkswagen

Modern technology is nice, isn’t it? It makes driving our vehicles easier and more fun. Nowadays many vehicles come equipped with Apple CarPlay, a feature that allows you to connect your compatible smartphone and access everything from text messages to apps to navigation routes without having to actually touch your phone. This is the real deal! Take a look at the video demonstration below to learn how to set up Apple CarPlay in your Volkswagen! Read the rest of this entry >>