2021 VW Atlas side view

Can You Deduct A VW Atlas as a Business Expense?

You run a small business and you need a new vehicle to use to carry product or marketing materials, and to visit and transport clients. You want to create a good impression, but don’t want to make your customers feel that you are charging them to much. In addition, you’d like to support American workers if possible, and not have to visit the gas station every other day.

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Vehicle's tire covered in snow

Should I avoid washing my car if temps are close to freezing?

Washing Your Car When It Might Freeze: Yes or No?

Hall Volkswagen is located near Milwaukee, WI, which is notorious for is cold, windy winters. Every in the early spring, temperatures regularly get below freezing at night. Many places have talked about the necessity of winter car care, including washing, but the major impediment to that is freezing temperatures. Washing a car when it’s freezing (literally) outside can make it impractical.

So then, is it still worth it to wash my vehicle if temperatures are going to go below freezing?

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VW Golf GTI side view

Is Volkswagen discontinuing the Golf?

Volkswagen Revamps Golf Lineup, Drops Base Model

Here in our sales lot at Hall VW near Milwaukee, you’ll always find a Volkswagen Golf. Like the Beetle before it, the Golf is iconic. Not only that, but it’s an excellent vehicle. There have been rumors about VW cancelling production for the Golf, though. Are they true?

Is Volkswagen discontinuing the Golf? If they really are doing it, why? Let’s take a look.

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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport front and side view

How many mpg does the 2021 VW Atlas Cross Sport get?

2021 VW Atlas Cross Sport MPG Ratings and Powertrain

The Atlas Cross Sport may be one of the newest additions to the VW lineup, but it’s already proved itself to be an excellent vehicle. With lots of space and capable powertrain options, it’s a top contender in the midsize crossover segment. But how many mpg do those capable powertrains get?

Below, we’ve listed out all the EPA-estimated mpg ratings for the 2021 Atlas Cross Sport. Take a look.

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