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Top 3 Tips to Make Vehicle Tires Last Longer

Friday, January 7th, 2022
Branded Tires in Vehicles

3 Best Ways to Enhance Durability of Vehicle Tires

Drivers nowadays focus on enhancing and upgrading various parts of their vehicles so that their vehicles perform well for long years. However, the majority of them miss out on upgrading one area – the tires. The consequence of this will not be visible abruptly. Over time, their vehicles will start losing control on slippery or wet roads or will start to skid and offer poor handling. These are some symptoms of tire wear and tear. 


Do I need AWD?

Monday, January 13th, 2020
winter road through the woods

The Truth About AWD Vehicles

These days, it seems like there’s two buzzwords in the auto industry: crossover and AWD. There’s good reason for this, as both are highly desirable. But just like you don’t necessarily need a crossover, you may be wondering if you actually need AWD or if it’s just a marketing ploy. The only way to know for certain is to consider the evidence and then decide if AWD is the correct decision for your situation.

Let’s answer the question:

Do I need AWD?


Which Volkswagen vehicles have AWD?

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019
2019 Golf Alltrack parked in nature

Here are the Volkswagen Vehicles with AWD

We think AWD is one of the best ways to make sure your vehicle stays under your control. More control means a safer drive. And ‘safe’ is one of our favorite words, right next to ‘save’ and ‘satisfied’. But trying to figure out which Volkswagen vehicles have available AWD can be hard. Don’t worry, we did the research for you.

Check out our list of which Volkswagen vehicles have AWD. (more…)

Where to Buy Tires near Milwaukee, WI

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
Four tires in a line have fallen down due to the domino effect, and lay languidly.

Best Tire Quality and Prices

Tires- you love them, you need them, and if you’re driving, it’s important to pay attention to them. Once tires have been rotated a few times and the tread has been thoroughly worn down, handling, traction, and control will all be impacted. Not only is driving on worn tires dangerous, but it can also cause intensified wear to other parts of your vehicle, potentially resulting in costly repairs.

Eventually, for every vehicle owner, the time comes when you have to buy new tires. When that happens, you’re inevitably going to be wondering where to get them. So, where is the best place to buy tires in Milwaukee WI? (more…)

Tire Rotation: Necessary or Not?

Monday, October 15th, 2018
generic vehicle up on a lift in an auto shop

How often should you rotate your car tires?

There are an assortment of maintenance fixes that need to be done from time to time with your vehicle, and your tires are just one of the many features that will take quite a beating. You need to ensure their optimal durability by performing tire rotations from time to time. How often should you rotate your car tires? We have the answer for you here on our blog! (more…)