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Do heated seats ruin leather upholstery?

Heated Seats vs Leather Upholstery: Does One Ruin the Other?

Heated seats are one of our favorite car accessories. Here in Wisconsin, where winter temperatures regularly get below 0°F, heated seats are possibly the best defense against shivering for the entire car ride. But sometimes too much heat can damage things. And if you have leather seats, then you know that they need more care than the typical cloth upholstery.

Will using the heated seats in my car ruin the leather upholstery? And can heated seats burn me?

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Does Using Heated Seats Ruin Leather?

The leather upholstery in your vehicle is made to withstand the heat from heated seat functionality. The worst that heated seats do is slowly dry out your leather, which can be completely mitigated by conditioning your leather. In fact, the leather upholstery in your vehicle is more likely to take damage from sustained direct sunlight than it is from using your heated seats. So, use the heat in your seats all you like!

Can Heated Seats Burn Me?

Yes, they can. Temperatures on heated seats are supposed to max out on 113°F, but they’ve been observed to sometimes go all the way up to 150°F. Third degree burns can happen at just 120°F. While most people will notice long before things get too hot, people with diabetes, neuropathy, or paralysis issues may not. To avoid this potential issue, we recommend not turning the seat heater to max. Instead, start at a cooler temperature and turn the heat up incrementally as needed. On a positive note, users with back pain have reported relief following heated seats usage at even low heat levels.

Do Your Vehicle Need Some TLC?

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