Volkswagen ID.3 front and side view

Does Volkswagen make an electric car?

Volkswagen Starts Market Production of Electric Vehicle

Many consumers were saddened by the discontinuation of the Volkswagen e-Golf after 2019. While Volkswagen has ULEVs like the Jetta, environmentally-conscious buyers may still be frustrated and left wondering.

Will Volkswagen make an e-Golf replacement? Does Volkswagen make an electric car?

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New Volkswagen Electric Vehicle in Production

We have good news and bad news. Good news: the once-concept ID.3 is in full-scale production as of Nov. 4, 2019. It will hit the market sometime in summer 2020. Bad news: America isn’t getting it … at least for a while. While we’re sad that the States won’t be seeing the ID.3 right away, we have hope that it will cross the pond at some point. There are numerous instances throughout automotive history of cars being “field-tested” in Europe and then coming over to the States.

Volkswagen ID.3 front and side view

ID.3 Available Specs

The ID.3 will have three different battery sizes with WLTP estimated ranges: a 45 kWh battery with a range of 205 miles, a 58 kWh battery with a max range of 261, and a 77 kWh battery with a max range of 341 miles. If the ID.3 makes it to the States, consumers can expect those range estimates to fall a little bit, as the EPA is more stringent than the WLTP. The top speed is 99 mph. The base model ID.3 will cost roughly $33,000.

Electronic Vehicle Expansion

Volkswagen stated that it was planning to launch “almost 70 new electric models” within the next ten years. Even if the States were to miss out on the ID.3, it’s impossible that Volkswagen wouldn’t sell at least a few of those almost 70 different models in the US. Check out the ID.3 VW Newsroom to learn more.

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