Front-quarter view of the 2024 VW Atlas Red parked outside a house

Exploring the Cutting-Edge Safety Features of the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas

2024 Volkswagen Atlas Safety and Driver Assistance Features 

When it comes to safety, the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas sets new standards in the SUV segment. This rugged yet refined vehicle offers an array of cutting-edge safety features designed to keep you and your loved ones secure during every journey. Let’s take a closer look at this blog by Hall Volkswagen in Brookfield, WI, to learn about what the 2024 VW Atlas has to offer. 

Driver Assistance Technology in the 2024 VW Atlas – IQ.DRIVE 

The 2024 Atlas also introduces the IQ.DRIVE suite, a collection of driver assistance technologies designed to make your journey safer and more enjoyable. 

Travel Assist: With Travel Assist, you can experience a semi-autonomous driving mode on supported highways. It combines adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist to provide a stress-free and relaxing drive. 

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Traffic Jam Assist: Stuck in traffic? Let Traffic Jam Assist take the wheel. This feature assists with steering, acceleration, and braking in slow-moving traffic, reducing driver fatigue. 

Emergency Assist: In case of a medical emergency, Emergency Assist can detect if the driver is unresponsive and bring the vehicle to a controlled stop, activating hazard lights and calling for help. 

Park Assist: Parking is a breeze with Park Assist. It can automatically steer the Atlas into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces, making city driving effortless. 

2024 VW Atlas cabin view
2024 VW Atlas Red parked outside house

2024 VW Atlas Safety Features 

The 2024 VW Atlas takes safety seriously, and it shows in its impressive lineup of features. 

Adaptive Cruise Control: The Atlas offers adaptive cruise control, maintaining a preset speed while adjusting to traffic conditions. This system, combined with lane-keeping assist, helps keep you centered in your lane, enhancing your driving experience. 

Blind Spot Monitor: No need to crane your neck to check your blind spots—the Atlas has you covered. This feature alerts you if there’s a vehicle in your blind spot, providing extra peace of mind during lane changes. 

Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Braking: The Atlas comes equipped with a forward collision warning system that detects potential collisions and, if necessary, applies emergency braking to prevent or mitigate impact. 

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Pedestrian Monitoring: A watchful eye on pedestrians is crucial, and the Atlas does just that. It can recognize pedestrians in your path and can automatically apply the brakes if needed to avoid an accident. 

Rear Traffic Alert: When reversing, this SUV’s rear traffic alert system scans for vehicles approaching from the side and alerts you to potential collisions, reducing the risk of accidents in parking lots and busy streets. 

Now that you’ve explored the exceptional safety features and driver assistance technology in the 2024 Volkswagen Atlas, it’s time to experience it firsthand. Visit Hall Volkswagen and take this incredible SUV for a test drive today.