What can the VW 4Motion System Do?

By Product Expert | Posted in Atlas, Safety, Technology, VW Tiguan on Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 4:10 pm
2018 atlas 4motion in the snow

Features of the 4Motion All Wheel Drive System 

The new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan SUVs are now available, and one of the most exciting features in these models is the 4Motion All Wheel Drive system. This system, which is unique to Volkswagen vehicles, provides specific safety measures that other drive systems simply are not capable of. Here are some of the features of the 4Motion All Wheel Drive system. 

How it Works 

The 4Motion system operates by being able to distribute engine power separately to all four wheels depending on condition. This system guarantees as much traction and stability as possible for your vehicle, regardless of conditions.  

These extra safety capabilities make it obviously superior to the typical driver-operated 4-wheel drive system. With the 4Motion All Wheel Drive System, you are not only guaranteeing the safest ride, but also the smoothest ride possible. 2018 tiguan orange 4motion

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On-Road Mode 

The 4Motion All Wheel Drive system has four different modes, which can be set by the driver, for various conditions. The base setting for 4Motion is On-road Mode, which is meant to be used in good road conditions, and can be tweaked with to fit driver preferences. 

Snow Mode 

The next 4Motion mode is Snow Mode, in which the engine shifts into higher gears earlier than they usually would. This keeps the car at a low RPM, which prevents too much power from going to the wheels, minimizing slipping. 


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2018 tiguan silver 4motionOff-road Mode 

The third mode of the 4Motion All Wheel Drive System is the Off-road Mode. The purpose of Off-road Mode is to keep as much traction as possible, even on the toughest of surfaces. It can also keep you at a safe speed during descent on a steep hill. 

Off-road Custom Mode 

The final 4Motion setting is the Off-road Custom Mode. In Off-Road Custom Mode, the driver has the control to change various settings on the drive system to fit any specific preferences the driver may want. 



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