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When Was the Volkswagen Microbus Created?

History of the VW Microbus 

Volkswagen has recently announced that they will be renewing production and distribution of the classic VW Microbus, but with one slight difference. This Microbus successor, scheduled for 2022, will actually be a fully electric vehicle. Given the rich history of the VW Microbus, there is no better car to renew as an electric vehicle 

BeginningsOld VW Bus

A Dutch VW importer designed the VW Microbus in 1947 and, after some much needed changes, VW officially made it in 1950. The VW Microbus was the second vehicle ever created by Volkswagen, with the classic Beetle being the first. In the first year of production, Volkswagen made over 9,500 vehicles. The vehicle’s popularity increased exponentially from there, growing production more and more over the next two decades. 

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The Volkswagen Microbus has had countless fun and outlandish variations of the original model over the years. The double-door panel van, a high-roof panel van and the Samba-bus, which was considered the deluxe model with skylight windows and a cloth sunroof were some of the more basic variants.

One of the more interesting model variations was the Doka, which was actually a crew cab truck with flatbed storage in the back of the vehicle. Another extreme variation was the Westfalia camping van, which actually had a “pop-up” top 

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1967 Standard MicrobusNicknames and Reputation 

With the popularity of the Microbus came numerous nicknames from fans over the years. Some of its nicknames in its home country of Germany included Bully, Hippie-Van and Kleinbus. Other nicknames around the world included Rugbrod in Denmark (meaning Rye Bread), Vee-Dub in America and and Camping-Car in France. 

Additionally, though its origins are unclear, the VW Microbus became an icon of the hippie movement of the late 1960s, and still remains one to this day. So much so, that when Grateful Dead lead singer Jerry Garcia passed away, Volkswagen released an advertisement in memoriam of him. 

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