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Story Behind the Volkswagen Name

How did Volkswagen get its name?

Much like any automaker, Volkswagen is filled with rich history. Drivers who have taken one of these models for a spin will tell you that few cars compare in terms of comfort and convenience. As we trace the lineage of Volkswagen back to its creator, you might be a bit surprised to see who founded it. Read on to learn how Volkswagen got its name and some other fun facts about the brand.

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classic volkswagen beetlesWho Founded Volkswagen?

Volkswagen was founded in Germany in 1937. As you might have guessed given the time and location, the government of Germany – specifically Adolf Hitler – created the car to invoke a sense of nationalism around the country. It was owned by the German government and they decided to name it “Volkswagenwerk”, which is translated to “the people’s car company”. It was operated in Wolfsburg, Germany by the German Labor Front. The Wolfsburg Edition trim can be found on some of the Volkswagen models and is usually placed somewhere in the middle, offering extra features that aren’t available in the base trim. For example, in the 2018 Golf, the Wolfsburg trim comes after the S trim and includes features such as keyless access with push-button start, V-Tex leatherette seating, blind spot monitoring, and more.

After World War II, the Volkswagen factory was in ruins and it looked like the Volkswagen name would disappear. However, thanks to the help of the Allies’ effort to resuscitate the German auto industry, Volkswagen began to boom and now is one of the world’s best-selling car brands. While it took awhile to gain traction in the United States due to the Nazi connection, it soon grew in popularity.

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