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Vehicle Battery Health and Warning Signs

How Often Should You Change the Battery In Your Volkswagen?

Our vehicle battery is very important because without it your vehicle won’t start. Our battery is easy to forget about until there is an issue and unfortunately that can leave us stranded. We take a look at how often you should be replacing the battery in your Volkswagen and we also look at warning signs for a battery that may need replacing soon.  

The general rule when it comes to replacing your vehicle’s battery is that you should replace it within about five years, though sometimes sooner may be necessary. Sometimes there are no clear warning signs that your battery is about to die but there are a few signs that may show up prior to needing a new battery.

Warning Signs You May Need a New Battery

There are a couple warning signs to look for to know when your vehicle’s battery may be on its way out. These warning signs are not always present before the battery dies and sometimes it just happens but to prepare and to know what to expect, here are a few signs to think about.

  • Slow engine crank
  • Issues with electrical components
  • Dashboard warning light
  • Weird smell
  • Old age

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