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Tire Rotation: Necessary or Not?

How often should you rotate your car tires?

There are an assortment of maintenance fixes that need to be done from time to time with your vehicle, and your tires are just one of the many features that will take quite a beating. You need to ensure their optimal durability by performing tire rotations from time to time. How often should you rotate your car tires? We have the answer for you here on our blog!

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Closeup of a vehicle's tireWhy rotate car tires?

There are a number of benefits for rotating car tires. One of them is that it will help preserve the tread for a longer period of time. Usually, tires in the front receive quicker wear and tear than the rear tires since the engine is located in the front. This is especially important if you’re driving in uncertain road conditions, as the extra traction is necessary to help you grip the road. Additionally, some tire manufacturers require regular rotations to keep the warranties valid. Depending on where you buy your tires from, you may be able to get tire rotations for free.

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When should I rotate my tires?

Tire rotations are necessary even if you don’t notice wear or tear on them. the general rule of thumb is every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. With this, you’re also giving your vehicle a chance to undergo a quick inspection where mechanics have the opportunity to look your car over and find out if there are any other problems with it.

Think it might be time for a tire rotation? If you’ve been neglecting this, you might want to consider taking your vehicle in. We take care of tire rotations here at Hall Volkswagen in Brookfield, so be sure to schedule an appointment here on our website or stop by to see if we can fit you in right away!