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How to connect an iPhone to a 2021 Volkswagen vehicle?

Volkswagen and Apple CarPlay: How to Connect Your iPhone to Your 2021 Volkswagen Vehicle

Almost every new 2021 Volkswagen vehicle comes standard with Apple CarPlay. That’s great news for iPhone owners! You can now experience your favorite media and utilize your favorite apps with your Volkswagen vehicle’s crisp infotainment system. Let us show you how to get the connection set up properly.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect your iPhone to your Volkswagen vehicle. We’ve also included an official video tutorial for those how prefer that to written instructions.

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Connecting iPhone to Apple CarPlay in Volkswagen

To properly connect your iPhone to your Volkswagen, you’ll need a USB cable. The following steps will usually take less than 30 seconds to complete. We also recommend making sure your iPhone is updated and using the latest version of iOS. Note: you’ll have to repeat this process every time you connect your iPhone to your Volkswagen.

  1. While iPhone is unlocked, use the USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Volkswagen

  2. A prompt will appear on your Volkswagen vehicle’s touchscreen with “Cancel” and “Connect” options

  3. Select “Connect”

  4. Wait for iPhone to connect to Apple CarPlay; this may take a few seconds

  5. The interface on your Volkswagen vehicle’s touchscreen will change to Apple CarPlay

  6. On your iPhone, a prompt will appear with “Not Now” and “Allow” options

  7. Select “Allow”

And you’re ready to go! Your iPhone will now work with your Volkswagen vehicle’s Apple CarPlay. Enjoy your favorite Apple CarPlay compatible apps!

Video Tutorial

Something Not Working?

Is your iPhone not connecting your Volkswagen? If you’re sure it’s not the iPhone or the USB cable, then something may have malfunctioned. Consider scheduling a service appointment to get it taken care of. Give Hall Volkswagen a call  if you have any questions.