2019 VW Beetle parked on the top floor of a parking garage

Is Volkswagen discontinuing the Beetle?

Volkswagen Airs Farewell Advertisements for Beetle

The Beetle is perhaps the most iconic vehicle ever created. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person that doesn’t recognize the Beetle, no matter where they’re from. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a major part of automotive history, like Ford Model T, the Lada 2101, the Toyota Corolla, or the other famously iconic Volkswagen, the Golf/Rabbit.

Rumors have been going around that Volkswagen has decided to discontinue the Beetle. Is there any truth to that?

Is Volkswagen discontinuing the Beetle?

Why is the Volkswagen Golf So Popular?

Volkswagen Beetle is Now Discontinued

We can only speculate as to why the Beetle is being discontinued. A likely possibility is Volkswagen switching its focus to revolutionizing the mass marketing of electric vehicles, with models like the (currently) European-only ID.3 and the North America-produced ID.CROZZ. If that is indeed the case, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Beetle return in an all-electric version. But for now, the Beetle in no longer being produced.

Volkswagen Bids Farewell to Beetle in Heartfelt Ad

With 70 years of history comes 70 years of memories from drivers and enthusiasts. Whether you owned a Beetle back in the 60s or got one of the “New Beetles” that started production in ’98, it’s likely that you have many memories tied to that part of your life. Volkswagen, with this ad, calls back to all those times with an animated short paying homage to every Beetle era. The Pro Musica Youth Chorus covers The Beatles classic “Let It Be” in the background.

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