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Should I get a satellite radio subscription or just stream music?

5 Reasons You Should Have Satellite Radio

With the advent of streaming, many people have moved away from radio completely. However, streaming comes with numerous drawbacks, a big one of which is its reliance on data. If you don’t want to burn through data any or just don’t have very good service, then satellite radio is an excellent option.

Here are five reasons why you should consider paying $10.99 a month for satellite radio.

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5 Reason Why You Should Consider Paying for Satellite Radio

There are many reasons that you may want to invest in satellite radio. Here are five you should consider.

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  1. Satellite radio has little-to-no ad breaks when compared to local radio or non-premium streaming services. SiriusXM music channels, for instance, have no ad breaks whatsoever. Some stations not programmed by SiriusXM do air advertisements, but there’s still way fewer of them than your local FM or free Spotify account will spit at you.
  2. Satellite radio has a huge variety of programming ranging from talk shows and sports stations to music stations specializing in every genre you can think of (and a few you can’t). SiriusXM boasts more than 150 different channels, many of which are curated and will introduce you to great new music, comedians, and more.
  3. Satellite radio has uncensored/unabridged content since it doesn’t have to be broadcast on public radio. With SiriusXM, you don’t have to worry about bleeped-out songs or talk show hosts refraining from discussing controversial topics.
  4. Satellite radio sounds fantastic and is available almost everywhere. Signals for satellite radio are digital, which means transmitted signals are never out of rage and don’t lose quality like local radio signals do. SiriusXM covers the entire US too, as well as most of Canada and a good part of Mexico. You also don’t have to worry about spotty 4G coverage ruining your road trip.
  5. Satellite radio systems come standard on many new vehicles, so you don’t have to fuss over what used to be a very complicated installation process. It’s essentially just signing up and syncing your car’s stereo system. After that, you’re ready to go.

Still Not Sure About Satellite Radio?

Here at Hall Volkswagen, we have a bunch of great new Volkswagen models that feature SiriusXM satellite radio, like the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport. If you’d like more info on how satellite radio works, feel free to give us a call. And if you’ve already got your eye on a new VW, think about getting pre-approved to streamline the buying process.