ID. CROZZ side view

Volkswagen Released Another I.D. Family Member Concept

Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ Design, Features and Performance

Volkswagen has been developing a new fleet of electric vehicles that will start full production in 2020. Volkswagen recently debuted the I.D. CROZZ, its first electrically powered crossover utility vehicle, a four-door coupe and sport-utility vehicle in one. The I.D. CROZZ is a sporty, zero-emissions vehicle with a very long range, charming design, and completely new interior concept. Let’s take a look at the Volkswagen I.D. CROZZ design, features and performance.

I.D. CROZZ Design and Features

The I.D. CROZZ design is based on the new Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB). MEB models have a very long wheelbase, with compact powertrain components and a battery that lives under the floor. The interior space is generous and provides a true ‘Open Space.’ The I.D. CROZZ combines the rugged look of an SUV with the elegance of a coupe. The hood features sharp and muscular lines while the lower roofline features a smooth and sleek connection.

As with the other I.D. concepts, the I.D. CROZZ includes light as a means of communication. The lighting elements change the look the CUV based on its operating status and the LED headlights interactively emulate the human eye.

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ID. CROZZ back and side view

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I.D. CROZZ Performance

The 83 kWh lithium-ion battery is housed in the CUV’s floor to create space and lower the center of gravity to help to handle and ensure ideal weight distribution. The two electric motors develop 302 horsepower and directly drive their respective axles. The I.D. CROZZ can be permanently driven with all-wheel drive. It will also feature I.D. Pilot mode which is autonomous driving. All the driver has to do is touch the VW logo on the steering wheel for three seconds and the I.D. CROZZ assumes control. Autonomous mode is deactivated by touching the Volkswagen logo on the steering wheel or by pressing the brake or accelerator pedal.

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