Volkswagen sausage and ketchup

Volkswagen sausage and ketchup

Did you know Volkswagen’s best-selling product is currywurst? That’s right. Since the 1970s, sausages have been rolling off the assembly line in Wolfsburg, Germany, right next to the cars. For the last few years, it’s been Volkswagen’s No. 1-selling model, outselling all VW cars combined. Unfortunately, they don’t offer currywurst in the U.S. yet. We’d love to have a VW wiener stand at the dealership. Anyway, here are some interesting facts about Volkswagen sausage and ketchup.

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  • Volkswagen currywurst was invented in 1973.
  • In 2015, VW sold 7.2 million sausages.
  • They come in standard 5-inch size and large 10-inch size for big appetites.
  • They’re certified by the European Union and have won lots of awards.
  • They’re smoked over beechwood and have half the fat of traditional sausages.
  • Each sausage casing is stamped with the German for “Volkswagen original parts” just like VW’s OEM car parts.
  • VW has also been making a meatless vegan version since 2010.
  • The sausages are sold in 11 countries as well as at Volkswagen’s theme park in Germany and at the Wolfsburg soccer stadium.
  • Volkswagen employees in Germany can buy their lunch sausage from a food truck shaped like a certain famous Wienermobile we have in the U.S.
  • The most popular time to eat currywurst is at breakfast.
  • German Volkswagen dealers give a gift pack of currywurst and ketchup with every new car purchase.
  • Volkswagen claims their sausage has replaced the annual tradition of the birthday cake for some families. We can’t back that up.
  • Volkswagen also bottles its own spicy curry ketchup to go with its weiners. But unfortunately for those who like Wisconsin-style brats or Chicago-style hot dogs, VW doesn’t make its own mustard.

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