What to do if you hit a deer

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What to do if you hit a deer

Here’s what to do if you kill a deer with your car on Wisconsin roads

It’s breeding season for deer, and that means you’re more likely than ever to encounter one on the road while driving. Most deer-vehicle collisions in Wisconsin happen in October and November. Recently, state law has been updated, so here’s what to do if you hit a deer.

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Oh deer!

The bad news is you just hit a deer with your car. It’s a little scary, and unfortunately there may be minor or major damage to your car. But the good news is the process just got simpler. You no longer need to notify law enforcement, as long as the damage doesn’t appear to be more than $1,000. If the damage is over $1,000 in any kind of collision, you must call 911.

What to do if you hit a deer

It used to be that law enforcement or the Department of Natural Resources had to remove the remains, but not so anymore. If you bagged a trophy with your car, you’re entitled to take the carcass home now. All you need to do is call the DNR hotline at 608-267-7691, and the deer is yours to keep. It’s kind of like the e-registration process for tagging deer during hunting season.

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What if the deer is injured?

If you hit a deer and injure it badly enough that it doesn’t return to the woods on its own, you should call 911. Sheriff’s deputies and the highway patrol are accustomed to killing deer that are badly injured but not dead after a crash.

What if I hit a bear, turkey or other large animal?

Bears and turkeys still need to be tagged by law enforcement, so you should call 911 to report these accidents, especially if the damage to your car is likely to be more than $1,000 for insurance purposes.

Remember to stay alert during deer season — where there’s one deer, there’s usually others! — and give us a call at Hall VW if you have any questions.

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