Parking brake lever

When should I use my parking brake?

How to Use Your Parking Brake Properly

Many people don’t know when they should be using their parking brake. This is a side effect of most cars now having automatic transmissions. But there are still times you should use your parking brake, even if you have an automatic.

Here’s when you should use your parking brake, based on the type of transmission you have.

Parking Brake Doesn’t Work?

Electronic parking brake controls

Using Your Vehicle’s Parking Brake

Since automatic transmission vehicles have the Park gear, the only time the parking brake needs to be used is when you’ve parked on an incline/decline. You can use the parking brake anytime your vehicle is in Park, though, if you wish. However, manual transmission vehicles need to use their parking brake any time they aren’t being driven, as not being in gear means that the vehicle is in neutral and can freely move.

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