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Which Volkswagen vehicles have AWD?

Here are the Volkswagen Vehicles with AWD

We think AWD is one of the best ways to make sure your vehicle stays under your control. More control means a safer drive. And ‘safe’ is one of our favorite words, right next to ‘save’ and ‘satisfied’. But trying to figure out which Volkswagen vehicles have available AWD can be hard. Don’t worry, we did the research for you.

Check out our list of which Volkswagen vehicles have AWD.

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2019 VW Atlas parked on gravel near mountainsVolkswagen 4Motion AWD Models

The following models have Volkswagen 4Motion AWD either standard or as an available option:

  • Arteon (Optional)
  • Atlas (Optional)
  • Golf SportWagen (Optional)
  • Tiguan (Optional)
  • Golf Alltrack (Standard)
  • Golf R (Standard)

What is 4Motion AWD

4Motion is the Volkswagen AWD system. It differs from traditional fixed distribution in a few major ways. Unlike traditional AWD systems, 4Motion is always active. Volkswagen describes it as “power [being] distributed between front and rear axles on an infinitely variable basis by a multi-plate clutch.” By utilizing many sensors, the 4Motion system can detect poor conditions and automatically sends power to any individual wheel that will need it. All of this takes place in a fraction of a second without any extra input from the driver. This almost completely negates potential wheelspin or slippage. And if the wheels do slip, you know that your Volkswagen is already supplying the necessary power to help you keep the vehicle under control. This is very different from the toggleable 80%-front/20%-rear power distribution of traditional systems.

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