Which Volkswagen vehicles have turbocharged engines?

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Blue 2019 Volkswagen Jetta cruises down a track with the help of its turbocharged engine.

Volkswagen Models with Turbo

Besides having a really cool name, a turbocharged engine is a great way to get extra power in an engine while simultaneously increasing efficiency. Volkswagen has long been known for putting excellent turbocharged technology in their vehicles. Which Volkswagen vehicles come with a turbocharged engine?

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Since 2014, almost all Volkswagen vehicles have been fitted with a standard turbocharged engine. Before that time, the common wisdom was that turbo was a risky technology as it could be very unreliable. However, as time advanced, so did turbocharged technology, and suddenly a turbocharged engine was just as reliable as a standard engine.

Turbocharged Acronym Guide

TSI: Turbocharged Stratified Injection

TDI: Turbocharged Direct Injection

As soon as Volkswagen realized that turbocharged technology had improved to a point in which reliability was no longer an issue, they tossed all previous reservations to the wind and promptly fitted nearly all their models with standard turbocharged engines. This was a great boon to Volkswagen products and a big benefit to the consumers.

Red 2019 Volkswagen Passat cruises down a highway with the help of its turbocharged engine.What’s the future of Volkswagen turbocharged engines?

As Volkswagen moves towards a fully electric lineup, turbocharged engines may begin to disappear in favor of electric powerplants. After all, you don’t see a turbocharged engine in an electric vehicle like the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf.

What are the benefits of a turbocharged engine?

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Turbocharged engines have many benefits. Not only do they increase performance, but they better utilize the energy that’s produced by the car’s fuel. By recycling the exhaust gas for increased power, turbocharged engines are less wasteful of precious energy.

Not only does this result in increased bursts of power for pivotal moments like passing, but it also increases fuel efficiency. As the turbocharged engine only accesses its increased power abilities when it truly needs it, it spares the unnecessary burning of fuel.

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