Will the gas in my car freeze when it’s too cold?

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Does the Gas in my Vehicle Freeze at Subzero Temps?

Many of us have probably heard from the grease monkey among our family and friends that gas will freeze in your fuel lines when it gets cold. Is there any truth to this?

Will the gas in your vehicle freeze if it gets too cold outside? And is there a way to prevent it from happening?

Get Winter Tires

Will the Gas in My Car Freeze?

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Unless temperatures are somewhere well below -40°F, your gas will not freeze solid in your gas tank or fuel lines. However, it can easily start to crystallize at extreme temperatures. Those gas crystals while get pulled out by the fuel filter, but that may lead to your fuel filter clogging. While most gasoline already has antifreeze additives in it, for extra assurance, you can add isopropyl gas antifreeze or just regular isopropyl alcohol. You’ll want about 12 oz per 10 gallons of gas, give or take a few gallons. One bottle of off-the-shelf isopropyl antifreeze will do the trick and usually costs around $2-$3.

…Then Why Won’t My Car Start?

Extreme cold is much more likely to affect the battery. And without any juice, your vehicle’s alternator and starter will not work. No battery = no ignition. To avoid being stranded, we recommend you carry jumper cables at all times. The only way to make sure you have to use them as little as possible is by having a cold-weather battery with high cold-cranking amp levels. Experts recommend two cold-cranking amps per cubic inch of engine displacement. If figuring that out and installing it sounds too complicated, we can do it for you.

Does Your Vehicle Need Some Winter Service?

If you’re looking to get your car ready for winter with stuff like an oil change or new winter tires, schedule an appointment at Hall Volkswagen. We’ll be happy to help.

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