2018 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2018 Chevy Traverse

2018 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2018 Chevy Traverse

To guarantee that you are getting the absolute best SUV to fit your needs, we have compiled an in-depth comparison to see how Chevy's best model of SUV stacks up against the latest model of Volkswagen of SUV. Continue reading to see which of these models is superior in our 2018 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2018 Chevy Traverse comparison.

To guarantee you are getting a fair and accurate comparison, we are providing the features and specifications of the basic trim level of both models, being the two that are closest to each other in features and price. For the VW Atlas, we are using its basic trim level, which has a 2.0L I-4 engine and front wheel drive. For the Chevy Traverse, we are using the L trim, the basic trim level with a 3.6L V-6 engine and front wheel drive.

You can see the two models side-by-side in the picture to the right, and if you are interested in seeing how these two compare with more specific metrics, you can continue reading below. If you live or work in the Brookfield area, and are already considering buying a new 2018 VW Atlas, check out our latest inventory of the Atlas by clicking the link below.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas


2018 Chevy Traverse

24 Combined MPG 21
72 mo/72,000 miles Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty 36 mo/36,000 miles
IIHS Top Safety Pick IIHS Safety Awards None
Standard Speed Sensitive Steering Not available

Which SUV is right for you: Volkswagen Atlas or Chevy Traverse?

When looking at this direct of a comparison, the choice could not be simpler. The 2018 VW Atlas is the safer, more practical vehicle, and you are getting significantly more value for your money. The 24 combined mpg that you get from the Atlas, compared to 21 for the Traverse, could easily lead to astronomical savings for long commuters and family road trippers.

The warranty for the Atlas, at double the length of the Traverse, is guaranteeing you the best possible safety net in the event that anything goes awry with your Atlas. Additionally, the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award and the Speed Sensitive Steering give you a much safer drive that in the Traverse, which is vital no matter who or what is in the car.

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